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Political campaigns are built on ideas and visions, stamina, endurance, and the investment of time and capital.  Democracy provides political change without bullets or blood.  It is the clarion voice of civilization that replaces the cold steel and hot fire of the battlefield.  In the political arena, the prevailing side is most often the one which has the best technology and biggest microphone.  The ammunition of democracy is fundamentally an engaged people and their desire for change, but it is also capital which can spread the word and mobilize the weak individual, helpless and insecure in his solitude, into a collective powerful force, that speaks like a roaring lion.  Your voice, your comitment, your support can help make a change.   You can make a difference - 

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Days until the Election

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To donate by mail, you can write your check to Cliff Page 4 Mayor.   Send yourcontribution to:
Cliff Page 4 Mayor
1000 High Street
Portsmout, Virginia

You can also easisaly donate through your checking account or credit card safely and securely, even without a PayPal account.   Just press the button below.


Download "Issues and Positions - A Path to the Future"