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Positions at a Glance
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Proposes that City Council be increased to nine members.  Five members elected from Wards, three members and the Mayor elected at-large.  Wardsmen would serve for two years - elected from their Wards.   At-large members would be elected for three years and the Mayor for four years.

Proposes that Wards be established in the City uniting current City precincts that can bring different social demographics and neighborhoods together.    A parity of approximately equal populations for each Ward should be sought. 

Supports a high ethical standard for Councilmen and City Staff, the elimination of conflicts of interest with the City and outside business entities and organizations and the passing of ordinances to sanction officials and staff for unethical or illegal behavior.  

Supports the absolute separation of “church and state” in governmental affairs.

Proposes that all City Council Public Meetings be held in Council Chambers, except when privacy is required as specified by law. 

 Supports the streamlining of government for efficiency and effectiveness to increase productivity and eliminate waste.

Supports the moving of City Hall to the City’s center to be more accessible and democratic. 

Supports fiscal accountability in government and a review of non-producing assets for liquidation or better public or private use, including properties held by PRHA

Proposes that we fight to bring a high speed train to the Portsmouth CSX rail head and that we work with the railroads to develop a regional train terminal in Portsmouth.

 Proposes a driverless electric people shuttle through the new Midtown tunnel to Norfolk to link to and encourage immediate expansion of Norfolk’s Tide to ODU and NOB, and that a citywide master transportation plan be adopted and implemented for an intra-modal system.

Supports the building of a Third Tunnel Crossing, as soon as possible, that can help bring down the fares on the second Midtown tunnel, reduce traffic congestion and prepare us for the future Craney Island Marine Terminal. 

​Proposes the elimination of the “Building” portion of Property Taxes and an equalization in the “Land” tax to encourage better development and property usage. 

Supports the maximization of tourism and promotion of tourist attractions and our urban character, marine environment and history by developing a comprehensive strategy to increase tourism and return small businesses to our Downtown. 

Supports the reevaluation and lowering or elimination of license fees, taxes and restrictions on small businesses and encourages higher tax rates on retail franchises and corporations to provide an equal playing field for small businesses and start-ups.

Supports a broad Public School re-evaluation to bring our educational objectives in line with the City’s needs and budget that will permit our graduates to find employment and be productive in Portsmouth and elsewhere.

Supports more efficient police practices and the expansion of personnel in the Forensics and Detective branches and the return of police and fire departments to full complement status. 

Proposes for "the Pines", that a blue ribboon panel be appointed by the Mayor to evaluate the condition, physical state, rehabalitation, repair or demolition and maintenance costs of retaining the property and costs for markethig and sale of the property, if that is necessary.  The panel should hold public hearings for consideration of ideas for public use for the property and the panel should include its own suggestions and should prepare for the Council a report providing three top alternatives  for retention and three for disposition with a broad cost estimate analysis.  The Council should act on those recommendations.

Proposes two alternatives for "the Pines" property.  One could be a street car terminal which would use the NPBL rail ajecent to the property and the development of a market complex to support the local neighborhoods.   A second proposal would be for a Police and Emergancy Services Academy with barracks, recreational, training and indoor gun range facilities.  This Academy could service the other police departments south of the James as a regional institution.

Supports the dredging of Scott’s Creek and other tidal areas to increase boat usage and reduce flooding. 

Supports the strengthening of the City’s Historic Districts and their civic design review committees and the returning of control of such powers to the people and the elimination of cut-out zones to benefit developers and PRHA, who must he held to the same standards and scrutiny as all other property owners.

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